Custom Design

Remember ID bracelets, so popular in the sixties and seventies. A whole new take on them is now possible thru 3Dprinting.
Letters as form, a decidedly modern aesthetic, wearable sculpture personalized thru 3d modeling by a skilled and experienced artist.
Initials twisted into hearts, full names as ornaments and jewelry.
Playful, beautiful, unique

Have an idea but need help bringing to fruition?

Commission a unique work of art

2 thoughts on “Custom Design

  1. Site looks good and works as well on my phone. I think you should put your own comments describing your thinking about each category. Just as you do with custom design and damn things certainly jewelry and home goods deserve some comments from the artist.

    1. You are absolutely correct, I’m working on text & didn’t want put-off announcing. Now I’m obligated to get it all done proper. thanx, p

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